As soon as you have your BioHarmonizer in your living space, it is immediately active.  It works in all directions, up to the maximum of its radius.  In the 1st hour, all your bodily systems are harmonized.

Depending on the person, the complete reset will take 48 to 72 hours.  Some people may experience some detoxification and this is normal and sane.

The need for our bodies to be grounded became quite clear to me a number of years ago as I was in recovery from serious health conditions. I was getting IV nutrient therapy at the time and my veins were not cooperating. My family has a history of heart attack and stroke, so I knew I needed to be proactive. I started researching how to improve my vein health and help my body. Everything pointed to getting grounded. I began spending time outside with my bare feet on the ground and I noticed an improvement. However, spending more than 30 minutes a day outside barefoot was quite a challenge, so I searched for an answer. That's when I found the grounding wire. It became my limited solution because staying connected to a wire for long periods of time wasn't easy.... Read More

Tammy Taylor
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