About us

Helios Business Services LLC was founded in 2019, following a period of development and diligent research since 2014. It is a part of a group of companies that share a common and unique mission:

Imagine, create, develop and promote technologies that make a profound difference in the quality of life and that contribute to the well being of living beings.

The founder and his colleagues have the firm conviction that each living being merits to live in good health, with all the abilities that Nature has to offer. A lot of human and other suffering is often useless and can be avoided, if only we have the courage to start asking the proper questions.

Our rigorous methods aim to identify and to solve the issues that lie at the heart of the problems that we face and are confronted with on our planet today. Our Earth is in crisis, in the fields of agriculture, beekeeping, human procreation and the capacity to think, learn and interact socially. Sadly, today, we live in an environment full of substances untested for their negative impact on living beings. Too often, the solutions created by man are quick remedies that seek to squelch the symptoms, rather than the root causes. This proves to be dysfunctional, it is high time to act in a different manner.

We are conscious that we are living through a tumultuous period for our planet and all who live on it. We need to act quickly to protect humanity, the environment and our Earth.

It has become inconceivable to return to the past. Technologies are here to stay and our entire society functions on the base of their existence. Without them, nothing would work. They play an evermore important role in all aspects of our lives. The intense technological development, including the introduction of 5G and electric cars, requires massive amounts of capital. As a consequence, return on investment motivates most all decisions. Taking care of the well being of our planet and all that live on it while enjoying the advantages of technology is entirely possible; it is simply not the focus.

Too often in human history, and even more so since the Industrial revolution, humans have proven to be lacking in good judgment and wisdom when it comes to deploying new products of all kinds. it is often only after considerable damage has already been inflicted that a correction, mostly hastily, is put in place.

We are convinced that it is possible to have the technologies and their advantages, as well as exceptional well being at the same time. And we acted on that.

The first creation of our group is a product range under the tradename of "BioHarmonizer". These products have been the object of the research started in 2014. They deal with the fundamental problems caused by man made electromagnetic fields and their radiation, as well as the use of related, evermore advanced, technologies.

The impact of electrosmog is important and growing all the time. Most people are not aware of this. Electrosmog is totally inevitable and it operates invisibly. And, in its actual form, it is a major contributing factor in the development of chronic health problems, and neurological and endocrine issues. We have the proof that demonstrates the causes, the mechanisms, etc. We have developed an effective solution. Our products contribute to neutralizing the negative effects, and they create a stable electromagnetic environment, that promotes life

Who is the founder ?
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Marc Simon hails from Belgium. He currently resides in the Quebec countryside. When he was young, it quickly became apparent that he is a gifted and talented person. Combined with great enthusiasm for life, a fertile imagination and spontaneous creativity became major assets during his apprenticeship of life. The importance of these gifts of life became clear over the course of multiple life events.
A profound sense of responsibility installed itself in his mind. He made the deliberate choice of his talents to good use in service to Earth and mankind. It is this pathway that led to the creation of the BioHarmonizer product range.
Driven by a great hunger for knowledge and exploration, he chose to live life to the fullest. "What drives me in life is the pursuit of learning, understanding, and knowledge. And it starts with knowledge of self."
This choice helped to forge certain traits: he is thoughtful, persistent, and hard worker. He loves efficiency and integrity. He owns his life and is constantly looking to improve himself as a human being, for himself, his loved ones, and people he associates with.
He is a sensitive and compassionate man. Early on, his capacities allowed him to understand the amplitude of the damage inflicted as a consequence of human actions. He always felt that the world we live in now is brutal and merciless. He feels strongly that mankind needs to collectively raise its level of consciousness in order to break out of this incessant cycle of violence and destruction of all kinds.
At the moment, and into the future, he is concentrating his work and research on products that will expand the applications possible with the BioHarmonizer. He is actively creating solutions for fields of human endeavor that are in crisis.
The domestic product range is available now with the Home Dome and the Personal BioHarmonizer.

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