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When you think about it, it's really hard to imagine a world without technology. It's all around us. We rely on machines and especially electrical and electronic devices to accomplish many tasks, which previously required an army of people. Many daily tasks have become relatively easy and effortless.

It is easy to be tempted to build more and more technologies that promise to work better and faster and produce more. There is no denying that we have made great progress since the industrial revolution. And now, the telecommunications industries and governments are walking hand in hand towards the greatest technological breakthrough of all time: 5G and the Internet of Things.


In the near future, we will live in “smart” homes, run “smart” businesses, have our autonomous cars to take us home on “smart” highways. On the way, we are informed that we must stop for diapers and a liter of milk. The fridge sent you an SMS and the diaper alarm went off on your 5G phone. This will be possible because millions of base stations are and will be built; 20,000 satellites will be launched into space. It is estimated that 200 billion things will be part of the IoT by 2020, which will increase to 1 trillion in a few years.

This unrestrained growth depends, among other things, on electricity and its quality. Today, the quality of electricity is poor to very poor in most countries. This is even more true in our cities. In the Western world, the quality of electrical installations has declined, mainly due to age and insufficient maintenance. This already creates many problems today. And it can easily get worse quickly.

Imagine that tomorrow the electrical networks stop and cannot start for a year. Everything would stop completely. No more internet. You could not make phone or video calls. Nothing in government would work no more, nothing in business would work anymore, stores and gas stations would be empty in a few days, famine and disease would spread in no time. Pretty dark prospect, right?

 Those who recklessly use the miracles of science and technology, without understanding more than a plant-eating cow understands botany, should be ashamed of themselves.

Albert Einstein


This dependence on technology has consequences. The first is obvious: we become slaves to it. This is certainly the case with our precious cell phones and other sophisticated gadgets.

The second is less obvious to most people because we don't talk about it often. The second problem is the dramatic impact of wireless technology specifically on our health, well-being and future.

The third problem is even less obvious. It is the impact on all other living things, be it plants, animals, insects and bacterial life, and what it means for us and our future.

We are on the brink of unprecedented global environmental change. Our dependence on technology leads us to make reckless and dangerous decisions, which create health consequences beyond our current understanding, for all living things and our planet.

And yet it is incredible to see that the vast majority of human beings are still unaware of these dangers! Maybe you are one of them. After all, it's not exactly in the news every day. And, so much is said in and by the media which then turns out to be false or misleading. Scandals involving corrupt politicians, abuse and neglect are typical. How do you know what to trust ?

It is fair to say that today's world has become more complex and stressful, to the point of saturation. It is easy to become cynical and feel "helpless". It is easy to think that the government or another agency should deal with it. If "they" don't say anything, it must be safe, right?

 The real problems of our planet are neither economic nor technical, they are philosophical. The philosophy of unbridled materialism is challenged by events.  

EF Schumacher


We have bad news for you. You cannot rely on the media to give you a factual account. The government is not going to deal with it. They actually contribute to the problem and, in most cases, do not understand the ramifications and what is really at stake. Neither the medical facility nor any other organization that is there for your protection. The industry does not intend to do anything about it either.

So, without your knowledge and without your consent, you and your loved ones are part of a huge experiment with wireless technologies. This is happening now, with complete disregard for the negative outcome which comes with certainty. To date, approximately 20 million people suffer from EMF-related problems. Many of these people are condemned; they can no longer participate in normal life like the rest of us.

 A way of life that is rapidly exhausting the power of the Earth to support it and piling up increasingly insoluble problems for each following generation can only be described as violent. 

EF Schumacher


More than 26,000 scientific studies have been carried out and other research is in progress. Without exception, these studies all point to different and serious consequences for humans, animals, plants, etc. There are "smoking guns" everywhere. How much evidence do we need to see to begin to realize that we need to be aware of what is being done to us? When will you stop giving your power away?

You must act to make sure that you and your loved ones will be well in the future. So you have to understand the subject. This website is meant to be a place of learning and understanding. Here you can find out the what, why and how surrounding this issue. Here you will find what you need to make informed choices about your use of wireless technologies today and in the future. Here you will find responsible solutions, which offer the best possible protection and support your well-being.

It is quite possible to have and use many technologies without being affected physically and psychologically. We figured out exactly how to do it. Why don't you take a closer look and find out for yourself?
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