My personal experience

My name is Marc and I created the BioHarmonizer. Being the inventor, I may be accused of being biased by posting this testimonial. And of course, in a way I am biased. But by facts and direct feedback during the numerous conversations I had during the development, which is still ongoing. We are discovering many applications that are useful and provide great benefits, much to my delight.

I invite you to read this with your heart and listen to an honest account of my experiences. I made sense to me to write my story when I realized that I have been experiencing everything first hand, from the very beginning.  

I have always been interested in the inner workings of things. I have been fascinated with what is beyond our grasp, the unexplained. I have been blessed with great curiosity and a desire to learn and improve my life’s experience. 

I’ve also had life long questions. Such as “why can’t we get along ?” or “why is life being made so harsh and difficult ?” or ”why is there so much destruction and disregard ?”. 

I’m an optimist and love to think out of the box. My interest in making the world a better place in terms of quality of life and preservation of life could only lead to being interested in technology, and more specifically computers and the Internet. I could see the marvelous potential this revolution could open up. I started using computers at first with the Macintosh, and later, with the advent of Windows, PC’s and the internet, I started to work with these tools constantly. About around the same time, cellphones became the thing. 

At the time I was a business consultant and coach. By coincidence, I became very involved in a series of missions revolving around the deployment of GSM technology and selling cellphones, subscriptions and so on. I remember that I asked during briefings with operators if there were any harmful effects. Nobody could answer me, but it was the general assumption that is was OK to use. Anyway, I got a lot of information about the technology, how it worked etc. This helped much later when I saw the correlation between my physical state and the use of electronic devices and wireless technology. 

At the time, I, just like anybody else, was clueless about electrosmog and its impact on our well being. It is only a few years ago that I understood that all the issues I had were all related to man made EM radiation. With hindsight, a bunch of things started to clear up. What a relief !

I was living in Paris and needed to travel a lot for my work. Constantly on the move, in planes, trains and cars, working long hours, up to ten days in a row. I could do that because I stayed in shape. However, a number of things happened that I couldn’t explain. I had always had tremendous endurance and stamina. And progressively, I started to lose steam. I noticed that when I used the phone a lot, I would be exhausted. After a while, I started having brain fog. My sleep patterns became disturbed. When I did sleep, I would have electrical discharges through my leg, which made the leg jump up and wake me. When I came back after a number of days on the road, I was wiped out. When I took the metro or the high speed trains, I would feel terrible once underground, or in the train after a few hours. 

I started to have red rashes on my face. I didn’t know why. It turns out decades later that it was the PC screens we were using at the time. The radiation would burn my skin. Very annoying to find out like that. 

Progressively, over a number of years, I lost a lot of time and energy seeking solutions for my various aches and pains. No one pointed to the link between electrosmog and my condition. As a matter of fact, I looked in all the wrong places, like most of us would have done, out of ignorance. I thought it was Paris. Too busy, too stressful. But, life has a way of keeping you in a place until you’re done with it. What happened next was inevitable. 

A small infection in the tip of my nose, became a life threatening situation. I was hospitalized with a severe Staph infection in my nose. With hindsight, this was the result of my immune system being tired and compromised. I narrowly escaped death. An operation saved me. The aftermath lasted for 10 years. I had been given massive doses of antibiotics and I was floored. No energy. I developed one infection after another, getting more and more tired. It was utterly demoralizing. 

I came to Canada in 2001. It took all the way through till around 2008 to get back to a semblance of normal function. I never recovered my full physical capacity. All the while, I continued to enthusiastically use technology but luckily no cellphone until 2013. I still had no idea that I was contributing to the problem. After a particularly challenging assignment as General manager for a company, I had a total burnout in 2011. I was incapable of continuing physically and mentally. I lost almost everything I had. I managed to get myself back on my feet with difficulty. A helping hand allowed me to get started again. In 2014, I started actively looking for solutions to stop the effects of EM radiation. I was interested in identifying the correct issues and dealing with them effectively. I had suffered greatly and I wanted to find how to resolve this, with a vengeance ! My quest became relentless. 

I don’t remember how I discovered it. I believe it was during a sabatical that I read about microwave technology and its effects. I also became aware of other technologies having been used without proper testing, and to the detriment of human beings. I learned about electromagnetism and nature. One conversation led to another and I started looking at causes, technologies of all sorts and started with a simple device which I tested myself. After a while, I shared it with friends to see how they felt. They all felt great too, and that’s how it all started. 

Today, in 2020, I feel terrific. I still use technology every day. It is my lifeline and it is the domain in which I work. Except that it no longer has any effect on me. I can safely use my technology without the debilitating effects which so many thousands of people are experiencing without knowing why. I am glad to have discovered this solution.  

What is the difference for me today having the BioHarmonizer in my environment ? In one word: massive.

I seem to be experiencing a second youth. I had major back surgery in 2018, I healed very quickly without complications. Getting of the pain medication went without a hitch, despite some short term discomfort. Today, I experience zero pain. 

I have fully recovered my energy levels from when I was feeling in my prime. I get tired, but in a normal way. I get up in the morning, feeling rested. I can work all day, without missing a beat. It just kind of flows. My work requires a lot of reading and researching. I am constantly following multiple lines of thought and it all flows. I feel a calm detachment while I fully engage with whatever experience life is presenting me with. All in all, I can say that I live life to the fullest as best as I can. 

I am never ill. Nothing. I take no medications. All my systems are go. I am calm and focused. I feel strong and steady. 

I also again feel a zest for creativity and engaging with projects that make a difference and solve real life problems. I am fortunate to have found a means of expression for this with the BioHarmonizer product range. 

I have noticed that my skin looks great. This is one of the many signs that your immune system is doing well. Another is the twinkle in my eyes. When your eyes are doing well they have a particular brightness to them. My eyesight is great. My skin is smooth and it has healthy shine to it, and I have hardly any wrinkles. 

Anywhere I drive to, I take my pendant with me. I quickly found out that my driving experience was completely different with the BioHarmonizer. Results are improved concentration, anticipation, eye hand coordination, attention span, reflex speed, calmness, alertness. Even after hours of driving, you get out of the car, as if you just left. No feeling spaced out or fatigued. I’ve experienced the same when flying. No fatigue, no jet lag. 

I could go on and on. You get the picture. I have posted my energy profile on the website. I regularly update it for all to see. 

Thank you for reading this. Spread the word of wellness. 

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