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  • Manufacturing method
  • UV exposure
  • Hardness
  • Hemisphere diameter
  • Action radius
  • Manufacturing Type

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Width: 120 mm
Weight: 400 gr
Materials: Urethane Resin, Proprietary mineral mix
Manufacturing method: Heat and Pressure Curing
UV exposure: Manufacturer's Warranty 5 Years
Hardness: 80+ Shore
Hemisphere diameter: +/- 100 mm
Action radius: 15 m
Manufacturing Type: Handcrafted in Canada

Our Home Dome is the go-to Home solution to stop the effects of EMF on your living space. This technology is capable of handling any type of electropollution in your house, all the way up to 5G. The entire environment, your house and all living inhabitants covered in the radius get ‘cleaned up’ and optimized. This takes 48-72 hours. 

If you spend lot of time away from home, traveling in car, truck or airplane, take your Home Dome with you. Experience the same great results. Better concentration, much less fatigue. 

Our products are to a large extent made by hand. Don’t be fooled by their simple appearance. Making them is a complex and precise task. Their simplicity is their strength. They always work, anywhere and on everyone. Results are immediate and they keep improving over time!!

Your Home Dome is like a base station where you get recalibrated and ‘refueled’. Lower your body stress, re-discover being energized and balanced, experience more calmness. Find out about our amazing results on our website. Try it risk free now. 

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