Personal Pendant

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Width: +/- 30 mm
Weight: +/- 35 gr
Materials: Urethane Resin, Proprietary mineral mix
Manufacturing method: Heat and Pressure Curing
UV exposure: Manufacturer's Warranty 5 Years
Hardness: 80+ Shore
Manufacturing Type: Handcrafted in Canada

Our Personal Pendant is the go-to Personal companion solution when it comes to EMF. It is for close protection ONLY; you carry it on you at all times for best performance. Like its bigger brother, the Home Dome, it supports your body to achieve and maintain optimal balance. When you are at home, your Pendant works on your specific physical balance. When you leave your home, you are certain that you have close protection. During the day you are sufficiently safe and your balance is maintained. More continuity is better and less stressful for your body. 

It is designed for a person, not for a home. Be aware: this is not a substitute for the Home Dome. 

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