What does the BioHarmonizer do ?

Before entering into the functioning of the BioHarmonizer, it is important to consider some elements which influence our current thinking on health and medicine.

Since antiquity, there have been 2 opposing opinions on the nature of life. On the one hand, Democritus, who coined the word atom, argued that everything, including organisms, is reducible to its constituents. Aristotle, on the other hand, argued that the processes of life are autonomous and that organisms are integral sets, which means that they function like systems. At present, these 2 points of view remain. The dominant model is the biochemical vision of life represented by molecular reductionism . The other model adopts a holistic or global vision which embraces a concept of life on the ground : Biofield  .

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Molecular reductionism considers the body as an assembly of parts or systems; everything is considered mechanically. It uses chemical corrections and mechanical interventions called operations. On the other hand, the holistic view of things considers living systems in a comprehensive manner. It uses very low level signals and information to help the body do what it is designed to do.

Modern medicine, as we know it, began to take off seriously in the 20th century. Great strides have been and are being made all the time and countless lives have been saved. At the same time, holistic methods have existed for centuries in the form of oriental medicine, western plant medicine, etc. They have and prove their effectiveness, every day, for millions of human beings.

However, there seems to be a categorical rejection of everything that does not correspond to the reductive and chemical medical model. It is sad and unnecessary. It reduces the possibility of finding new and better solutions for our current global health problems. As we are brought up in a world where we think that our bodies are in some way defective in conception, that we are not the masters of our health because we are "not" qualified, where everything that is medical is complicated to understand, is it any wonder that we tend to cede our power? So if you, dear reader, come from this mechanical and chemical perspective when you read this, you will be hard pressed to see the BioHarmonizer for what it is, that is, a powerful and effective solution, with a proven experience.


We respect both views. Because it integrates several approaches, we have chosen to use the holistic perspective of BioField; it corresponds to the reduction of the subtle but considerable effects of electromagnetic pollution on living systems.

What is a BioField ?


All living organisms produce electric currents and potentials. This internally generated bio-electricity is a crucial component of biology, as it serves as a substrate for membrane potential, for all activity of the nervous system and for many other vital biological processes.

The continuous exchange of information in living systems to maintain their integrity is staggering. BioField can be considered as one of these organizational concepts on several levels. Information flows inside and between the different levels of the body.

Here is an explanation of BioField's work: 

The biological field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. It is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and subtle energy, or chi. Humans have a global electromagnetic human field that extends outside of the body.

BioField is a complex organized energy field which generates, regulates and maintains homeostasis or the balance of its systems. The BioHarmonizer is designed to interact with and support the BioField. BioField is studied in biophysics, quantum mechanics, bio-electromagnetics, etc.


What does the BioHarmonizer do?


As soon as you have your BioHarmonizer in your living space, it is immediately active. It works in all directions, up to the maximum of its radius. In the 1st hour, all your bodily systems are harmonized.

Depending on the person, the complete setting will take 48 to 72 hours. Some people may experience some detoxification and this is normal and sane.

The BioHarmonizer:

Stabilizes and regulates the electromagnetic environment
Helps the body create and maintain psycho-physiological coherence
Organize BioField by synchronization
Helps create the conditions for bio-compatibility
"Reset" of the autonomic nervous system, the endocrine system, circadian rhythms, the electric body (voltage corrections in all the meridians, optimal energy exchange)
Helps synchronize and ground with Schumann frequencies and the Earth's magnetic field

But it also improves your:

Physiological coherence

A state characterized by:

Excellent consistency of heart rate
Increased parasympathetic activity
Increased training and synchronization between physiological systems
Efficient and harmonious functioning of the cardiovascular, nervous, hormonal and immune systems

Psychological coherence

A state associated with:

Sustained positive emotion
High degree of mental and emotional stability
Constructive integration of cognitive and emotional systems

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