What is a BioHarmonizer ?

The BioHarmonizer (or BH for short) is a Quantum Resonance technology. It is designed to cancel out the effects of man made EMF radiation on biological life forms, as well as on technologies. It is also designed to support a return to ideal conditions for Well Being and to help maintain this state. The BH assists in generating a balanced and stable electromagnetic environment, which is life enhancing. All biological life forms within its range experience a recalibration and a reset of all bodily systems. Well Being and energy levels in the body improve rapidly. The BH helps to maintain this state of homeostasis. 

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The BioHarmonizer functions all the time and it is independent. It functions wherever you take it. It does not need any power nor maintenance. It only takes 13 milliseconds to interact with a new environment. Recalibration occurs within the first 15 minutes. It is adaptive and ready for 5G.

Recent analysis of our technology by an astrophysicist led to the conclusion that the BioHarmonizer operates at the quantum level of life and its energy fields. It appears to reintroduce the fundamental and universal self organizing principle necessary for the organization of polarized energy. To date, it is impossible for us humans to observe what we state here. However, we can clearly deduce it from our scientific observations of the effects.


The consequence of this reorganization at the smallest level manifests itself as coherent energy. This translates into a balanced and stable electromagnetic environment. Anything chaotic or disorganized simply cannot stay that way. As the environment cleans itself up, all life forms resonate with it. The BH helps the life form to align with the environment and start to thrive. All your technologies start working properly. It is as if everything in the space has its own place, works at its best, and does not harm nor interfere with anything else. It BioHarmonizes everything !

Biological organisms absorb and radiate energy at various vibratory frequencies. The energetic aspect of the functioning of biological organisms is the most important aspect of health. Strangely, it is almost entirely ignored by mainstream medicine and science. For thousands of years, Eastern cultures (mostly China, Japan, Tibet, India) have used the knowledge that our bodies are composed of energetic systems. They have developed methods to heal and bring about total health in people. Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Reiki, and other well known Eastern healing modalities are based upon the functions and workings of the body’s biological energy pathways.


Extensive research into the field of bio-energy has revealed that all cells in living organisms communicate with each other. They have the ability to store and emit particles of light called biophotons (named by the German biophysicist, Fritz A.Popp, of the University of Kaiserlautern). Many other researchers in the last century including Prof. H. Frölich (Nobel Prize), Prof. Lund, Dr. Pilla, Dr. D. Gabor (Nobel Prize), Prof. I. Prigogine (Nobel Prize) declared that living cells emit electromagnetic fields.

The BioHarmonizer operates according to these principles. It is an invention that uses natural forces to deal with unnatural EMF. It is also able to deal with the impact of cosmic and solar radiation which has been particularly heavy in the last few years.

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