What is the problem ?

"WiFi is an important threat to human health" is the title of a paper written by Prof. Martin L. Pall PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. This man is an authority in the field of research on the effects of technologies on the environment. He is definitely not exaggerating, he is not alone. He is joined by hundreds of science colleagues all over the world.

  Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.
Pr Martin L. Pall PhD

In this recent paper, he goes on to state that there are very clear effects of oxidative stress*, sperm and testicular damage, neuropsychiatric* effects such as EEG* changes, apoptosis*, cellular DNA damage, endocrine* changes, and calcium overload. He also explains the basic mechanism behind all this disruption.  In the lexicon, you may find explanations for certain terms in clear, understandable language

Mr Pall states with a high level of scientific certainty, based on the massive amount of science literature available, that non-thermal microwave frequency radiation EMF :

Attacks our nervous systems, including our brains


Attacks the endocrine (hormonal) systems


Produces oxidative stress and free radical damage, which play essential roles in chronic diseases


Attacks the DNA of our cells, which is cancer producing


Produces high levels of apoptosis, which lead to neurodegenerative* diseases and infertility


Lowers male and female fertility


Produce excessive intracellular* calcium


Attacks the integrity of cells causing cancer

 We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein
Let us see why electromagnetism is so very important. We will compare natural and man-made electromagnetism.

Electromagnetic energy is invisible. Humans tend to ignore what they can't see. Nevertheless, it is everywhere, and it is the basis of life. The atmospheric electric field is generated in the space between Earth and the ionosphere. There is a great amount of electrical activity going on all the time. Every 2 seconds, there is lightning somewhere. This electricity flows through every living thing. It enters the top of every tree, flows down through the sap, and into the earth through the roots. It enters the top of our heads, flows down through our acupuncture meridians, and into the earth through the soles of our feet. It is what gives us life, maintains our health, and regulates our biological rhythms. Through it, we are part of the global electrical circuit.

Electromagnetism in the natural world
Electrical and magnetic fields travel together. The three properties of electromagnetic waves are:
They travel at the speed of light
They include ultraviolet waves
They can transfer energy through empty space
In the natural environment, there are “oscillating”* electromagnetic fields, with frequencies and power ranging over a virtually unlimited spectrum. The living world perceives stimuli such as
Llight (including ultraviolet and infrared)
Sound (including ultra high and very low frequency sound)
Electrical fields and currents
Magnetic fields
Water currents
Biology teaches us that life will use the energy pool in which it finds itself to its best advantage. Advantageous not only because the absorbed energy is a carrier of information, useful for orientation in the environment as well as functioning in a coordinated fashion with the same environment
All life is possible on Earth because of her magnetic field. Protons and electrons captured from the cosmic radiation or the solar wind (= stream of ionized particles emanating from the sun) by earth’s magnetic field, create a protective shield for all life on earth – the Van Allen radiation belt.
Man created magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic transmitters which fundamentally changed the natural electromagnetic energies and forces on earth’s surface – radically changing million-year-old pivotal controlling factors in biological evolution. The natural signals that the living world depend on, including us, are suppressed, changed and distorted on an unprecedented scale by technically generated artificial fields.
The natural world functions in a particular way. Power tends to be constant and present slow cyclical variations. Power intensity tends to be small. Natural waves are analog and have a steady flow to them, like a sine wave. Subtle, tiny impulses are the rule because the living world operates like that. This is consistent with everything natural that we come across on Earth.
In the world of technology
By contrast, the technical world has a very different way of working.
In contrast, the technical world has a very different way of working. Power varies according to need. There is a distinct tendency to be heavy-handed; more means better. The amount of electrical power carried over the airwaves is massive. Since 2G was introduced, and the digital era took off, we have digital waves. Notice the difference in the following illustration. The waveform changes in an abrupt manner. This creates pulsations and power peaks

Technical wireless communication, such as mobile radio, radio, TV, and satellite, is only possible because the power density used far exceeds that of natural radiation.  Natural radiation  at the surface of the earth in the 300 MHz to 300 GHz range (this is microwave radiation) is approximately  0.001 microwatt/m2  (=0.001  μW/m2);  today’s typical  technically created radiation  level in cities is  10 000 μW/m2 .

That is 1 000 000 times stronger than natural radiation!

This is just one aspect. Electrical power that we use every day has a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. This frequency band is called ELF or extreme low frequency. Electricity, especially if it is of poor quality, is also polluting and dangerous. This is probably one of the best kept secrets of all time. Epidemiological studies have clearly correlated the use of electricity and the rise of modern illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease. To make things worse, and because of the push towards 5G and IoT, more and more houses are equipped with "Smart meters" which are positively deadly.
All the polluting elements are often referred to as "electrosmog". Electrosmog is getting worse every day, as more and more technology is rolled out. With or without our consent. If we could see it, it would look like foul, impenetrable fog. If we could hear it, it would be aggressive and deafening, enough to drive anyone crazy.
In your home
Electrosmog is the result of cumulative interactions and feedback between electrical devices, such as appliances, and electronic devices, such as Wifi etc. All sorts of 'junk' frequencies are created and they travel along the electrical lines. Radio and TV signals tend to piggyback the electrical lines. Ground currents and geomagnetic tensions do the same. That is a lot stuff polluting your electrical current. This leads to conflicts between equipment, frequent resets, more problems and breakdowns, which in turn increase the pollution.
Unwanted consequences on agriculture, insects, animals, birds etc
Animals that depend on the natural electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields for their orientation and navigation through earth’s atmosphere are confused by the much stronger and constantly changing artificial fields created by technology and fail to navigate back to their home environments.

Bees make use of the earth’s magnetic field and its daily fluctuations for their orientation and communication. At the same time, they take their bearings from the Sun's position. They gain information on weather developments through the natural impulse signals in the atmosphere, i.e. spherics. Bees worldwide are suffering greatly from this EMF exposure. This has led to CCD (colony collapse disorder), and the future of the honey bee is in serious trouble.


Birds, especially the migrating species, have a difficult time finding their way because of the interference with the magnetic fields which are supposed to guide them. The same applies also to marine mammals such as whales and dolphins, beaching events occur more and more often.

Worldwide, trees are showing signs of acute stress. Plants are affected by the same mechanisms as other living creatures. Their growth and resilience are severely compromised. Trees seem to be like orchestra conductors in the world of plants. If they are not doing well, the entire environment is affected. In industrial agriculture, this is even more telling. Year after year, agricultural lands are lost and crops fail due to current practices. The nutrition value of the modern crops raised with artificial fertilizers and pesticides are dropping all the time.


Other factors to consider


Airline jets exhaust contributes to problems in the atmosphere. Certain metallic additives are included in the fuels. As these are released into the atmosphere, they create interference with electromagnetic fields, cosmic radiation (the good part) and solar radiation. Another contributing factor is possibly HAARP or similar equipment around the world; it is capable of bending the ionosphere, through the use of enormous amounts of electrical power. This is added to the growing amount of electricity in the atmosphere.

The accepted standards for cell phone safety are based on SAR (specific absorption rate). This represents the amount of energy that is absorbed by the body when exposed to an electromagnetic field. This is usually heat. SAR for cell phones is based upon heat generation when calling. The safety standards set according to this method are much too high, and this science is considered obsolete: it does not represent the real damage that is being done. Every scientist in the field knows this and yet, the industry continues to use this absurd standard.


Following the Chernobyl incident, it was found that long-term continuous low level radiation of all types was as dangerous as high level doses of radiation. We have spoken a lot about wireless technology. All the other radiation technologies also play a role. It is the compound effect which the worst, all the way up to the point of no return: damage becomes permanent.

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